Cruising is the fastest growing sector in the travel industry. So many of you are realising the incredible itineraries available across a wide spectrum of Cruise Lines. Our carefully selected Cruise partners, who we believe align with Travel Antares’ desire to discover new places whilst providing exceptional value and service, provide the perfect choice of Ocean, River and Expedition Cruises. Although we have access to most Cruise Lines out there, the below are our closest Cruise companions and we provide all the little extras you need to complete your next Cruising adventure!

Don’t forget if you don’t see your favourite cruise, just let us know what you’re looking for.

Ocean Cruises

When most people think of Cruising they'll be thinking about Ocean Cruises. Large ships filled with guests simply gorging themselves on food and booze, right...? Wrong! Ocean cruising has evolved dramatically over the last few years, catering to niche pockets of clientele covering, family friendly, adult-only, luxury and ultra-luxury cruises.

Many myths have circulated about what Ocean Cruising is all about over the years and we're here to debunk this misleading information. Meaning you get the chance to experience the joy of visiting a great selection of places on one trip.
Here are a few myths that are simply NOT true;

1) Cruising is only for the more 'mature' population
2) Cruises are too expensive
3) I'll get sea sick
4) I can't cruise solo
5) I'll get bored and 'cabin-fever'
6) They'll be too many children running around.

All of the above are old fashioned opinions on a drastically changing sector in travel. Let's cover off each of the above and out these out of date points of view to bed. With so many different Cruise Lines out there, you'll find a product designed for every age group.

1) From young families to adult only cruises there's literally a choice for all.
2) Cruising is simply the most cost effective way to experience multiple destinations without the need to keep unpacking and packing again. There's always a deal out there in the Cruise world, with January to March usually the peak booking season for Ocean Cruises, also know as the 'Wave Season'. That being said, there's some fantastic options to be had outside these times, but can be hard to find, which is where we come in!
3) Even the smaller ocean cruise ships are stable when at sea, but there are some top tips to minimise any motion sickness you may feel. The bigger the ship, generally, the more stable in will be and choosing a cabin in the centre and lower down will reduce the feeling of motion you get. Either way, there are onboard facilities to assist should you feel a bit 'iffy'. Newer modern ships are also pioneering amazing new technologies to make ships even more stable when out in the open seas.

4) Yes you can! Many cruise lines realise that some people may want to travel solo. Some will waive single supplements and a lot of Cruises will include solo traveller get togethers, so you'll be able to meet fellow intrepid sailors like yourself. There's no reason to not go on a Cruise solo, it can be an amazing and rewarding experience!

5) If you're on the right ship for YOU, there's no chance you'll get board. Choosing your itinerary wisely will mean, you have the chance to fill every day with something new and exciting, from shore excursions to an onboard program full of interesting activities.

6) Similar to point 5, you simply need to pick the right Cruise ship and travel at the right time. For instance, if you're not keen on children and get sold a family friendly Cruise during August, guess what... there'll be lots of children onboard. But if you speak to us, we'd no doubt suggest an adult only Cruise during this time. On the flip side, an adventurous family would be perfect on the fun family cruise option Don't dive into the first Cruise you see without talking to an expert. We know cruising and will make sure you're on the right itinerary.

Virgin Voyages

New-to-Cruise, Virgin Voyages are trailblazing a sensational new way of cruising. With so much included, they offer a vivid mix of relaxing luxury with an infusion of thrilling action. They spend more time in some of the World's best ports, meaning you'll have plenty of time to explore these amazing destinations. Here's a list of onboard inclusions for every single Virgin Voyage, making them superb value!

- All food, with no buffets! Their A-La Carte eateries are some of the finest on the Ocean.
- Essential drinks, including water, non-pressed juices, sodas, tea & coffee.
- WiFi
- All gratuities
- Group Fitness Classes
- All Entertainment and Shows

Check out the latest Virgin Voyages brochure below and let us know which one of their incredible voyages you'll set sail on!

Star Clippers

If you're anything like us, we love to think what it would be like to travel the world under the power of wind. Going back to the days of all those famous explorers as the wandered the Seven Seas in search of new and exotic lands. With Star Clippers you can do just that! They are a highly exclusive Cruise company, offering one-of-a-kind itineraries aboard their traditional tall-ship vessels. They have 'Royal Clipper', the largest 5-mast square sail vessel in the World. A stunning floating masterpiece based on the famous 19th century ship 'Preussen'. Their other two ships, which are the twins of Star Clipper's fleet, are true clipper style ships and glide through he waves at an exceptional rate. Their names are 'Star Clipper' & 'Star Flyer', together they complete a very unique fleet of ships that will give you a Cruise experience like no other.

The highlight of Star Clippers' products is their 'Captain's Collection', a prized selection of their best itineraries, coupled with sublime luxury extras before, during and after your voyage. Indulge in 5* accommodation before and after you've explored a new and exciting corner of the Globe, while enjoying some extra treats onboard not available to other sailors.

Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys is launching a distinctive European lifestyle experience for the discerning traveller, creating a category of their own; a true boutique resort at sea, where the address is the ocean and the destinations along their journey. Through the art of listening, it has been designed with guest centricity - offering more space (the highest space to guest ratio in their category), and much more privacy than any other cruise brand. In fact, they don’t think of themselves as a cruise line, they offer transformative ocean experiences with a hotel philosophy, delivering to you lots of choices with slower and more immersive Journeys featuring lesser-known and off the beaten track experiences. It’s part of why they talk about Discovering your “Ocean State of Mind.”

Explora Journeys really sets itself apart with their ocean experiences. Their first two ships, EXPLORA I and EXPLORA II, will debut in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Nine inaugural journeys and a series of mesmerising itineraries will feature longer days in port and overnight stays, throughout Africa & Indian Ocean, Arabian Peninsula & India, Canada & New England, Caribbean & Central America, Iceland & Greenland, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, United Kingdom & Ireland, Pacific Coast & Hawaii and South America.

Check out the information in the brochure below and you'll be itching to get onboard these incredible new ships. Let us know which itinerary you want to book, and we'll do the rest!

River Cruises

River Cruising is an excellent way to explore many destinations in a short time, while remaining in completely relaxing environment. With each River Cruise, there is a myriad of unique experiences, carefully tailored for adventurous travellers, no matter what their interests may be. From wine & beer tasting to music and nature-themed trips, there is an itinerary for everyone. History buffs can also indulge in an enriching journey through some of the most historically significant cities and towns along each river. Moreover, photography enthusiasts will also relish the chance to capture some of the world's most breathtaking landscapes and scenery while blissfully floating along. Here are some of our favourite River Cruise destinations;

- Danube
- Rhine
- Rhone
- Douro
- Moselle

Asia & Africa
- Ganges
- Mekong
- Nile

Our River Cruise partners offer a wide variety of River Cruises and we can help to plan the perfect trip, no matter if you're seasoned River Cruisers or wanting to try something new, we're here to help.

Avalon River Cruises

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Avalon Suite Ships® and immerse yourself in breathtaking views of the world like never before. Experience their sensational Panorama Suites; larger, more luxurious, and more open than any other river cruise ship. The Open-Air Balcony® is a unique feature that sets these ships apart, offering an unobstructed view of the beautiful views around you. No longer will you be stuck staring at a wall, as their beds are arranged facing the view, giving you the opportunity to wake up every day to the incredible scenery around you. These views can be gazed upon through your suite's expansive panoramic windows so every guest can take in the world from floor to ceiling as they bask in the knowledge that they are living the dream.

Check out Avalon's 2024 brochure below and send us a message so we can get planning your next River Cruise getaway.

A'Rosa River Cruises

Indulge in the thrill of adventure and embark on an unforgettable journey with A-ROSA. Wake up every day to a new and exciting city with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Savour the delicious and mouth-watering local cuisine, explore the vibrant shopping scenes and soak in the culture at the magnificent museums located just a few steps away from your cozy cabin. Discover the heart of the city by foot or bike and take in the breathtaking views of the exceptional landscapes. Whether you choose to join guided tours or explore on your own, every port of call is an experience in itself.

A'Rosa is great for families, couples and solo travellers alike. Their value is superb and their newest shit, the A'Rosa Sena is a sensational technologically advanced River Cruise ship. Powered along by a hybrid propulsion engine, plus a battery storage system, it glides almost silently along Europe's stunning river network. We love A'Rosa for their pioneering sustainable River River Cruises and can't wait to get you onboard.

Check our A'Rosa's latest brochure below for some great European River Cruise itineraries. Get in touch to start planning your next River Cruise!

Expedition Cruises - Quark Expeditions

As the Leader in Polar Adventures, Quark Expeditions explore the Polar Regions differently from everyone else. We partner with Quark Expeditions because we know they are the pinnacle of Polar exploration. For us they understand the importance of these regions and allow every guest to experience the wonder that these locations exude with majestic natural beauty.

When you travel with Travel Antares & Quark Expeditions, you’re exploring alongside the most experienced polar experts on Earth, setting foot where few ever will, and doing what few ever dream. Do you want to explore off the beaten path? We can take you to where there are no paths at all. Will you be content to just cruise? Or would you prefer to cruise 1,000 feet over the untouched polar wilderness in a twin-engine helicopter? With Quark Expeditions you won't just be on vacation—you’ll be on the expedition of a lifetime.

Check out the inspiring video below and get in touch to plan your next incredible Polar Discovery. We will put together a truly unique experience with are trusted partners, creating a journey that's the absolute pinnacle of adventurous exploration. We recommend getting us to plan your trip nicely in advance to make use of great early booking savings as well as guaranteeing your spot.

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