Gift List

We’ve joined forces with ‘Marriage Gift List’ to provide the perfect Honeymoon Gift-List. It’s so easy to set up and you’ll have the ability to thank your nearest and dearest directly.

To set up your Gift-List simply follow the steps below

1 - Plan & Book Your Special Trip

Get in touch with us here at Travel Antares to plan your amazing trip. We absolutely love planning honeymoons and can’t wait to discuss yours. Even if you’ve already booked the main part of your trip elsewhere, we can still put together a Gift-List with all the amazing activities and excursions you’ll want to do whilst there.

2 - Set Up With Marriage Gift List

Now it’s time to reach out to our fantastic partners at Marriage Gift List. They will provide you all the things you need for your list.  We’ll provide Marriage Gift List with all the options you want on your list, so your guests can choose the perfect gift for you.

3 - Depart On Your Special Trip

It’s time to fly! As you get closer to departure your Gift-List will have been accumulating in the background. On the balance due date, any outstanding amount will be settled. However, you can keep your Gift List open until the day of departure. At any point if you have a surplus amount in your fund, this will simply be refunded to you when you wish or a few days after departure.

Gift List FAQ

If you depart on your honeymoon as planned your honeymoon Gift List is completely free. If however, you cancel at a time when excess funds are available for refund, you’ll simply be charged a small administration fee, usually 1-3%. Should you cancel within suppliers’ or our cancellation periods, the standard Ts & Cs apply. We’re more than happy to talk through any queries you have so just let us know.

Yes! Your precious honeymoon fund is held in the same protective trust account as your honeymoon booking. No funds leave the trust account until suppliers require deposits or balances. This means no matter what your fund is safe. You can find more information about how we protect clients’ money at the bottom of the page, ‘Protected Trust Services’.

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