During this time of the year, many areas across the globe experience a ‘shoulder-season’, whereby they transition from one to another. This offers fantastic value to visitors who want to experience the very best that each destination. This is a great opportunity to explore different parts of the world without breaking the bank, and without missing out on the highlights of each new discovery.

These are just some ideas to consider for your January adventure, don’t forget to get in touch even if you have your eye elsewhere…

May Travel Ideas


Indonesia's vast diversity make this magnificent country the top destination in May. From camping on uninhabited islands in a simple tent with a fresh fish barbeque to luxury helicopter flights over archipelago reefs. Enjoy the stunning endemic wildlife in Sumatra and Kalimantan, or the dragons of Komodo; ancient Javanese and Balinese cultures. Try adventurous hikes in remote and the beautiful beaches of South Lombok, we will take you to each of these locations where the Indonesian charm will make you never want to leave. Let us plan your perfect Indonesian getaway now!


Spain is a country that boasts an irresistible combination of elements that are sure to captivate anyone who visits. From its vibrant culture that is intertwined with history and tradition, its cuisine that has a reputation as one of the best in the world, to its outstanding wineries, Spain is a place that has everything to offer. Additionally, the country is home to spellbinding architecture from centuries past, including Moorish palaces and gothic cathedrals that leave visitors in awe. The charming towns and bustling cities are home to picturesque streets and vibrant markets that showcase why Spain is such a treasure trove of excitement for any traveller.


Montenegro, a hidden gem in the Balkans, is an inviting discovery of pristine coastlines, charming fishing villages and crystal-clear waters. This small country is often overlooked by it's neighbour Croatia, but it's unique spots make it stand out from the crowd. Montenegro is a place where beach lovers can lose themselves in the sun and experience the serene surroundings. The gentle pace of life in Montenegro is reflected in its charming old towns, each with its own identity, which offers a glimpse into the country's rich history and culture.


Experience the magic of Singapore, a city that offers endless possibilities! With the greatest skyline in the world, be prepared to fall in love with this great Asian city. Indulge in some of the most remarkable attractions such as the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which boasts picturesque views of the city and the stunning Singapore Flyer that lets you soar high above. Take a leisurely stroll through the lush Botanic Gardens or satisfy your shopping cravings on the magnificent Orchard Road. Singapore is more than just a stop over to the reaches of Eastern Asia.

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