Get ready for an incredible adventure this October. Explore Australia’s natural wonders and unique animals, or escape to a stunning island paradise with turquoise waters and exciting activities. There’s something for everyone among these long-haul journeys this month. Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, pack your bags and create unforgettable memories. Don’t wait, start planning your trip today!

These are just some ideas to consider for your October adventure, don’t forget to get in touch even if you have your eye elsewhere…

October Travel Ideas


The land down under is a gigantic land mass, with every type of terrain imaginable. Knowing where to begin will be the toughest choice. We'll guide you though what sights are high on your list to create the best option for you. You may want to head deep into the outback and marvel at the Sun's rays illuminating the stunning Uluru. Or you may be in the mood to catch a performance at the Sydney Opera House before heading up the Gold Coast to catch some surf. There's plenty of gems hiding in this staggering country too, all of which we can show you on your Ozzy discovery!


Possibly the best month to visit Mauritius, we love this island for it's warm welcoming people, the amazing beaches, plus the wealth of cultural and natural landmarks which make Mauritius the jewel in any one's bucket-list. There's no shortage of great activities on this small island, ranging from catamaran day trips, dolphin watching and the not to be missed area around Chamarel. The Seven Coloured Earth, in Chamarel's Geopark, is unlike anything you will see anywhere else. Make a full day of it and head to the south coast near Le Morne peninsula to catch a stunning shot from your seaplane ride, of the Underwater Waterfall, exceptional!


Famous for the Galapagos Islands, which we highly recommend you do during your time in Ecuador, but often not explored fully by budding naturalists, heading to Darwin's favourite spot. Ecuador has much to offer travellers, including Quito's old town, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cuenca's colonial era centre and the staggeringly diverse biosphere of Parque Nacional Yasuni. Where you can take a canoe ride to spot elusive and endangered species such as the giant otter, giant armadillo and the majestic jaguar. When you add in the Galapagos Islands, a trip to Ecuador is a true once-in-lifetime adventure, not to be missed!

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