December is a magical month full of possibilities! Embrace the excitement of the season by planning a memorable getaway to set the tone for the rest of your festivities. With so much to look forward to, it’s the perfect opportunity to create new memories and cherish old traditions. Whether you want to explore new places or relax and rejuvenate, there’s something for everyone. Remember that this time of year can be busy, so make sure to plan ahead and book early to secure your ideal destination. Let the holiday magic begin!

These are just some ideas on where to travel in December.

December Travel Ideas


Bhutan, a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, is a hidden gem nestled in the eastern Himalayas. It boasts stunning landscapes and breathtaking scenery and ancient traditions, making it the ideal destination for any traveller seeking adventure, beauty, and culture. From hiking to exploring the hot springs, from visiting monasteries to enjoying authentic Bhutanese cuisine and crafts, the country never fails to captivate its visitors. Combine it with a trip to India and/or Nepal, and you will get the once-in-a-lifetime experience that will change you forever. Every Bhutan tour is carefully planned for you, so why wait, it's time to book!


Get some pre-Christmas sun in the 'Land of Smiles'. There's an incredible array of highlights in Thailand, all waiting to be explored by you. From the world renowned beaches of Phuket & Krabi, the enchanting islands of Koh Samui & Ko Phi Phi, to the cultural highlights of Chiang Mai and Doi Inthanon, you'll find stunning natural beauty and excitement around every corner. Our Thailand trips also include some of the lesser-known highlights. These special discoveries mixed with tours of Thailand's neighbour's make South East Asia high on every one's Travel 'To-Do' list.


Home to the second largest coral barrier reef worldwide, Belize is an enchanting paradise that can only be described as every marine enthusiast's dream destination. Travel to Belize this December and experience this unique ecosystem. Which creates a perfect habitat for a diverse variety of marine species. Making it an excellent spot for snorkelling, diving, and other marine adventures. It boasts a breathtaking natural wonder that every adventurous traveller must experience - the Great Blue Hole, which ranks among the world's top dive sites. But that's not all, visitors can also indulge in unforgettable land-based programs. Ranging from exploring the tropical jungle, historical landmarks or relaxing on the beach.

European Christmas Markets

December is a magical time of year for travel to Europe, where Christmas markets adorn many of Europe's finest cities. Our top picks include, Cologne, Berlin, Salzburg, Prague and Budapest. Each with it's own charming character, filled with winter warming glühwein and hearty local snacks. You'll naturally want to get those unusual gifts for your loved ones back home, or simply just treat yourself! Whether you're looking for a pre-Christmas romantic getaway or perhaps you have a festive group of friends. Get ready to sample some of Europe's finest festive treats, we've got the perfect trip in store for you. We recommend to book early!

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